Hi Everybody,

I’ve been in London and the AA over a month now. And finally settling in. I want to keep you all in touch with what I’m up to.

As you all know I’m doing a masters in Architecture at the Architectural Association in London. The program (the Design Research Lab) has a topic of Parametric Urbanism that I will try to describe in another post (to tell the truth I’m not quite sure what it is yet).

In the next couple of days I’ll try and catch up with what I’ve been doing since I got here. In a week and a half we have our first project due, so I’ll try and get you into that too, and to start here is picture of my team and what we are doing

jie, shipra, me, julian

enjoy, and keep watching


3 thoughts on “1 month old

  1. oooo.. long time no see 😛
    good to know you’re alive and hopefully alright 😛
    and, ..matei, ana, happy anniversary! as far as i remember, a year ago today things got better for you two..
    hugs and kisses, matei, hope you’re enjoying london and whatever you think you’re doing there 😛
    bucharest is not the same without you, we are lonelier than ever, please come back!!!! 🙂
    i’ll get back with details regarding news and catching up with things, welcome to the blogging world, please stay close, we miss you,
    m :*

  2. Hai ca incerc sa te gasesc asa. Good to see you, even so! Good luck with everything, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Maybe you should check your phone sometimes. I left some messages (same number?)
    It’s nice we’re connected from all over the world like this… Holland misses you too…hihi…come and visit Marijn and me sometimes! I am planing my Europeean tour for next season, I’ll let you know about my concerts soon. Lots of xoxoxo to you and Ana, keep us posted!

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