I missed school, or at least that first week when everyone is happy to meet one another and still doesn’t know what they are getting into.

We had 2 weeks of orientation to start off, which at the time seemed like too long a time. Everyone wanted to start classes, “Let’s get to work.” Boy those were the good old days, now I never see those guys who said that.

Because I had been searching for an apartment with a girl named Lucy Querales from Venezuela who is at the Environmental Design Masters here, I became the Eastern European (South) American. I met people from Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, etc. Which was nice, except that they all spoke Spanish. Also funny was when we introduced oursleves, people always looked at me funny.

I any case I kept meeting people from all over the world. There are 24 countries represented just in my masters program, of 43 people. But the amazing thing is that none of them are from England. People from India, China, America, Korea, Germany, Spain, etc. Of all backgrounds and ages.

So in any case, I’ll stop now because I have neither anybody’s photo from the first days nor remember their names.

Actually, I remained friends with a lot of those people, especially the South Americans, who have that nice laid back Latin character, but at the same time are really smart, including Julian, who is in my group and who was featured in the first picture.


One thought on “Back to School

  1. salutare, matei! ti-am citit blogul si m-am cam inverzit de invidie de cat multiculturalism ai mancat pe paine in london. bafta in toate. eu promit sa te citesc cu constiinciozitate.
    in romania ploua ninge si e o gloomy london wheather. in acelasi timp, e tot romania plai cu dor.
    cu bine, iulian.

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