When I first arrive in London I really didn’t know my right from my left (especially when crossing the street), but I got settled in pretty quick. Thanks especially to Seamus, with whom I lived for the first 3 weeks here, in the beautiful house of my mother’s friend Vlad Mirodan (the Romania Connection spreads its wings far and wide (or at least through out Europe))

The first week I was here was nice. It was the only chance have really had to walk around London. Didn’t get to many of the tourist places, just wandering, tkae a look (just click the picture to see the whole album.

I also caught up with some old friends

actually a great story here, most of you know karina (the girl in the top photo), well we saw each other 3 times this summer, once in New York, once in Bucuresti, and now here in London. Boy, the world has gotten smaller. And it was about to get even smaller.

when school started . . .


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