After a good weekend where I saw the Perks, the band Alex plays bass in, at a show in Camden town and a fun after party, it was back to school and on to our first assignment, which was to present ourselves using no more than 5 props. It was supposed to be a way to meet everybody.

Everybody’s presentation went well, a lot were just portfolio presentations in power point. A few had little sculptures and things. It was good to see what people did and what kind of ideas they had.

For my presentation I put together a mini matei in front of everybody. With images representing me on each part. The feet were the American and Romanian flags. The legs were a suburban house and a castle on Loire valley (where my interest in architecture began). The body had images of CD’s, movirs, Food and me dancing (just stuff I like), one arm showed my work from Cooper, and the other arm was work I ahd done since I finished, and the head was my face on each side, with Ana on top (which what everybody remembered about my presentation).

Here he is (click on him to see all the pieces):


One thought on “First Workshop

  1. Mateiush, dupa mine esti #1 in domeniu! noutate pt. tine, nu? Ce putea fi mai scurt si cuprinzator si funny si surprinzator si aparent simplu si mai la tinta decit ce-ai facut tu? minunat

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