I realized that I completely left out a whole week. It was the second week orientation. The week was spent listening to presentations about what each year was doing. It was some pretty interesting work. A lot like what we did at Cooper, but somehow more ground and definitely in more context. At Cooper it seemed that each professor was doing his own thing and was not interested in what was going on around them, here it seems like most classes were aimed at pretty specific things but always within a broader context. There were also some crazy presentations:

Diploma Unit 3: Hollywood Land

image: Valerie Bennett (aalog.net)

We also met our professors. Or at least 3 of them. They are:

Tom Verebes, who has been at the DRL since the beginning, 11 years ago.

Theo Spyropoulos, who did the DRL 7 years ago and is now working a phd at the Bartlet

and Yusuke Obuchi, who is my tutor right now

Patrick Schumacher, who is a principle at Zaha Hadid, will be joining us in the winter.

Each of the tutors have a slightly different breif, more on those later.

The week ended well, a party at our studios which are on John St. (about 10 minutes away from the main school)


One thought on “Missing Week

  1. Heeeei! 🙂

    Citesc cu atentie si maaaare placere blogul tau, keep on the good work! S-ar putea sa ne vedem la Londra, caci planuiesc sa fac un drum pana acolo dupa Craciun… Abia asteeeept sa te vad!

    Cu drag,

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