HI everbody

Welcome back, hopefully for good.

I’m sorry that the blogging broke down last year but I have 3 or 4 good reasons

1. My laptop was stolen (pretty important when blogging)(the story is pretty simple i fell asleep on a bus after a late night partying and when woke up i was one laptop less)

2. Ana came with my old laptop, but she was here so I wasn’t going to waste that time on a blog.

3. After she left school work picked up as it was only 3 weeks from the end of term.

4. I was already behind in the posts having start a couple of weeks after school started, so I had too much catching up to do.

(5. I’m lazy.)

So its almost February, and the new year has passed as has my 30th so now finally I hope to pick up all that slack and catch everyone up on what we are doing here and then hopefully get back to normal pace of posts.

OK lets get to it



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