Our initial ideas about iterative material systems and attractors dealt with “degenerative” systems, ie systems that breakdown in time.

We had a couple of ideas:
Foam broken down by acid or fire.
Ice melting or cracking from temperature change.
and a couple of others that never materialized.

In any case we started with the one that sounded like the most fun, burning foam:


With some interesting results:


Then we tried acetone to melt the foam:

block1.jpg block2.jpg

With even more spectacular results:


Unfortunately we weren’t quite in the right track.

This material system while producing some nice images is not iterative nor does it have an attractor.

That is what we learned after our first discussion with our professor. To help us (and the other groups working with, as no one had figured out either of these concepts) he offered up a couple of examples like sand dunes and river deltas. But these were supposed to be material systems, or at least something we could reproduce at school, so we went back to the drawing board or at least our list …


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