While you think about what attractors, iterations, and foam have to do with architecture I’ll fill you in on my other classes.

We had two seminars during fall. The format for the seminars was that we were given readings to do and each week a group of 6 or 7 people would give a presentation on the topic.

The first seminar was called Design as Research I: Open Source which cover theoretical topics such diagramming, fields, time, and topology. I’m not going to go through each topic as it would take too long, but basically it was a primer on architectural theory of the last twenty years. It was taught by all three professors together. I did my presentation on the topic of fields, which deals with idea that in architecture buildings should not be thought of as singular objects but as part of a larger contextual field. This comes out of a broader philosophical shift of understanding lie no longer based on a subject object relationship but as varying interacting fields.

The other seminar, New Anatomies in Architecture, Examining the Parametric, was taught by Theo and looked at old and new architects that dealt with parametric design. Each week we looked at one old and one new architect such as Frei Otto and Lars Spuybroek or Gaudi and Mark Burry, to see similarities and difference between the two related architects. I did my presentation on Robert Le Ricolais and Jesse Reiser.


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