So, here it comes the first crit of my new school . . .


How do you think it will turn out?

Well, It was Ok, not good, but not bad. It didn’t help that my tutor, Yusuke wasn’t there. It is true we had talked to people in Phase II and they mentioned that he didn’t give much support to his groups during critique, but just not showing up, that was harsh.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that each tutor gives his own brief, which while trying to cover the same ideas/approach is actually quite different. Like here our brief was on material systems and attractor, while the other tutor gave briefs like study animal behavior (Theo), and develop a component based system (Tom). All these were meant to get us to think about systems, but as you can see they are all different takes.

So with the other professors coming from a different angle on this and us standing there with some cracked ice and resin it was hard for us to really explain what we were doing. And the crit reflected it. We were told that the investigation of cracking was interesting, but wanted us to be able to explain why, and what we wanted to do with it. Which we didn’t quite know.

So with that we went back to scratch our heads and wonder. At this point we only had two weeks left to figure out what it was we did actually want to do. So we panicked…


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