dsc00127.jpg dsc00150.jpgdsc00129.jpgdsc00136.jpg

These funny looking things are what we came up with.

The other groups showed stick models and what to us looked like real things, while we stood up there with melting ice.

So we did what any sensible architect does, start with a grid and mess it up. The idea was to diagram/represent how cracking work on grid. Well right after we finished we talked with Theo who was in the studio, as Yusuke still hadn’t shown up, so we were even more panicked. And once we talked with Theo we realized that what we had done was closer to deformation than cracking, which implies some sort of failure of the system not just a change.

Theo agreed that the model was a failure in that it failed to show failure and was worried about that we were concentrating on cracking as opposed to failure in general, so he showed us some other projects in the DRL that had used failure, or something like it. One was about crumpling paper and fabric and he mention le Ricolais, the French engineer who studied failure in structural systems, and about whom I was going to do my report on.

So we were left to ponder those things for a while . . . but not too long as Yusuke should up at the studios at about 9pm that night. I rushed to call my team back together, as some had left for home, and we met with Yusuke to get things straight.

We thought that were done with cracking and were looking for a way out, but he had other plans. He loved cracking and wanted us to keep pushing it. To work in more materials, to show more examples, to make it bigger. So we did . . .




One thought on “Workshop 2 Panic (again)

  1. Ce cuminte si studios esti tu 🙂
    Multumim pentru share.
    Bine, nu pot spune ca inteleg intotdeauna tot, dar probabil ca de asta esti tu acolo si noi aici; dar pare interesant, keep up the good work and keep posting!
    Pup-uri si hugs 🙂

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