I just wanted to post what was going on around here. Because maybe that’s what you really want to know. Not what I was doing 3 months ago, stuff that wasn’t making any sense.

Not that it does now. And that leads me to whats going on now. This semester we haven’t really worked on our project at all. Instead we looked at Brazil, helped the graduating class finish their presentation, and now prepare the DRL10 exhibition.

I am helping prepare the interface design. Which means I’m picking images and then entering them into an excell sheet that can be read by Flash Player to show them on a large screen. Not too exciting, but we get to help design the “DRL graduates” interface.

But its not all sitting around here. Some people get to build a pavilion. Its pretty fun, at least now when the weather is nice. But unloading a full truck of concrete by hand because the forklift was stolen the night before wasn’t fun.

And here are the guys with Zaha ….


That’s Diego Ricalde Recchia , Alex Robles , Zaha Hadid, Rafael Contreras Morales, and Julian Jones.

Diego, Rafael, and Julian are my teammates.

And Zaha is the biggest thing in this school. She’s paying for the exhibition and has hired more than half the DRL in the last 8 years.

Here’s them and the rest of the DRL at workat Bedford Square:



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