While I might not really being doing much right now things look to pick up in the coming weeks.

First of all I am heading to Romania next weekend to visit Ana and see my friends there. Perfectly timed for Valentines day. My teammate Diego is also thinking about joining me if he can find a cheap ticket. I’m just staying two days, but it will good to get away from the bullshit here and great to see Ana, even if its just for a couple of days.

The following week is the opening for the DRL10 exhibition for which we are working now. That means that hopefully it will be the end of the bullshit and we can get back to working on our project. It also means that there will be a couple of big parties, which should be fun. On friday night they have hired professional DJ’s from MoWax, but on Saturday its up to us to do it up, so I’m DJing for about an hour. Its something I haven’t done before, but a looking forward to. Probably nothing special just going through my music collection and finding an hour;s worth of dance music. But I’m still nervous, since I’ve only picked music for small parties with people I knew. Wish me luck.

Then during spring break we are going to Brazil for our project. Our site is in Sao Paulo, a bus station and park. As I said we haven’t worked on the project at all et this semester so I have no idea what we will be doing there. But we are definitely looking forward for the trip. It will be a few days in Sao Paulo, a couple in Brazilia, and then to Rio after Yusuke leaves. I’ve never been to Brazil so if anybody has some tips that would be great. This year all of Brazil is celebrating Oscar Niemeyer’s 100th birthday so that will be cool. It could only be better if we were there now for Carnival (damn this DRL10)

From Brazil I head to the US for the rest of my break. There it will be my mom’s wedding which is great. Ana is also coming and I hope to make it up to NYC to celebrate my good friends Hunter & Sarah’s 30ths. Should be fun.

I hope you guys like the new and old post together. I’ll try and keep it up.


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