This is a long post….


This was our final model for workshop 2. Its story is much more interesting than our final crit, which went similar to the previous one; not much direction, but good feedback.

After doing a few more study models in resin Yusuke suggested we create a field of cracks. We were happy with our experiments so far and felt that we could control how much it would crack, hoping to create a gradient field of cracking and introduce some wire mesh to create come of the curved cracking we had achieved in our earlier experiments.

We bought the resin and made the plexiglas mold which measured 150cm X 60cm. We had to pour the resin in the evening after the shop closed and the school emptied somewhat because of the fumes released from such a large pool of resin. So after 6pm we set up our mold, put on our masks and began pouring the resin. We filled the whole mold, but were worried that we did not have enough hardener for so much resin.

Shortly after we finished the fumes began to waft into the night air. Unfortunately that night there was party being thrown on the terrace above. Nobody told us beforehand so we we didn’t do it on purpose, but people from the party began to complain, but it was already too late the resin had been poured and untill it hardened we couldn’t do anything about it. We appologized and went home hoping that our big experiment worked.

I won’t keep you in suspense. When we got to school the next day what we found we could not describe. As you can see the whole thing cracked more than we expecte. Thank god we did not have more hardener. The resin had somehow melted through the bottom of the mold and leaked onto the table we set it on an the ground of the courtyard.

W e didn’t know what to do. The resin hadn’t even completely hardened, it still was giving off fumes, and worst of all it was completely stuck to the table because of the leaking. We only had about an hour before the start of our crit and even less before the guys who ran the workshop came and saw what we had done.

So with not too many options we began to pry the whole thing off the table, pulling some chunks of its plywood top with it. Once it was down we still had to figure out how to transport it the kilometer that separates the main school where the workshop is to our studio building. We couldn’t carry it as we put about 40 kilos of resin into it, we couldn’t put it on a bus or cab because of the fumes, plus it was still sticky. So we asked maintenance about some trash bags to wrap it in and if we could borrow a hand cart to truck over with. We got them, loaded it on, and began the trek over to school. This was made all the more fun by the pedestrian traffic in the area which isn’t lite. Bobbing and weaving our monster resin pool through people strollers and cross walks we finally made it to the studios. Here we realized that we couldn’t leave it in the studios the whole day (the fumes remember) os we stored it in an area in front of the basement.

At one point early during the critiques I went out to have a smoke, and I noticed that the maintainance crew was clearing out trash from the area where we had put our model (wrapped in trash bags). So I went and told the guy that it was not to be thrown out, point to it to make sure he understood which one I was talking about.

Well if you haven’t guessed by now, obviously when we went to get it for out presentation it was gone. Nothing left in the area, no sign of maintenance. Luckily we had taken some photos of it beforehand and were able to show those during the critique.


The fate of our model fortunately was not the garbage heap, but just a cellar in our building. It took some mad phone calls and a few days but it finally was returned to the area we had left it. There we took it out of its wrapping and showed our friends who were curious after they had heard our story. This time we even put a sign on it “do not throw away” just ot be sure.

And that would be the end of the story but….

As our final term crit approached we kept checking on our model, mostly out of curiosity and just to make sure it had not vanished again. An it was there day after day, never moved. So on the day of our final crit, of which I will talk about later, we thought since we hadn’t shown it at the workshop crit we could show now. You wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t true but when we went down to get it before our crit, it was gone, again disappeared on the day of crit, amazing, if also not frustrating and just a bit sad.

We haven’t seen it since, nor do we care much anymore, we were worried at one point about how we were going to throw it out anyway, looks like its been taken care of.



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