So i am going to Brazil, never been to South America, but as my teammates here are all from that continent I already feel the vide, and its good.

I have already gotten my ticket (thanks mom) and will be flying to New York on the 14th and then from there to Sao Paulo on the 15th, arriving the next morning. My teamates will probably already be there, flying directly from London on the 14th.

Then on Monday we head to Brazilia for a couple of days. And then back to Sao Paulo until. the 23rd, when Yusuke leaves. From there we go to Rio on our own until the 26th or 27th, when I fly back to New York.

While in Brasil we plan to do more than just visit the site of course. Hopefully we can get in some museums and cultural attraction, you know be tourists. Yusuke doesn’t seem to be doing to much in terms of planning, though he says he is getting in touch with universities there for us to meet with. But other than that we are on our own for planning what we do. We are each signing up for a different part of the trip, like museums, architecture, food, etc. I’m doing the etc. part. Which means I have to find things for us to do at night and when we get bored of cultural destinations.

So I’m throwing it out there. If anybody has been to Brazil, especially Sao Paulo, let me know what there is to do and see. Any help is appreciated.


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