well the mayhem never ends around here

the weekend after the end of workshop 2 was the brittish holiday of Guy Fox Day.

Sounds like fun and it is. It also happened to be the weekend that my good friend Tudor Timotin showed up and also the night I lost my laptop (in some twist of fate the night i write this is the night that i got my new computer).

Tudor actually tried to come to my crit but was late getting there and we went early so he missed it. But the next day we met up and in the evening went to celebrate the occasion with my friend Alex, whom we both know from our Romanian connection (family). Me and Tudor made it to a park to watch the fire works and then headed to Alex’s parents house to meet him.

The we were greeted by mulled wine (vin fiert) and mititei (skinless sausages). It was nice to be in good old company enjoying the comforts of home after wondering what I was doing cracking stuff for a month. And it improved as the night went on. Kris, Alex’s dad had setup fireworks of his own in his backyard.

The highlight of this was, as for any youngster, the sparklers. With these ew all had fun tring to right our name backwards for Tudor’s camera. Check out the pictures he took:


After Alex’s house we continued on and went a bar and then a party, but as the night was already long i fell asleep on my way home from the party and because it was saturday, i had computer class, and i fell asleep i lost my computer, so thats that, back to work kinda


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