I’m going to Romania today and will be back on Monday, so no more post until next week. Hope you all ahve a good weekend.

Just before I go I’ll let you know why I keep using the word “mayhem.” It is our team’s name. We have had it since at some point during the material workshop when Julian used the word to describe us and it stuck (it was probably dring one of our resin experiments).

What is surprising is that many people don’t know this word, so here is a definition for those of you wonder what it means:


Middle English mayme, mahaime, from Anglo-French mahaim mutilation, mayhem, from maheimer, mahaigner to maim, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Middle High German meiden gelding, Old Norse meitha to injure
15th century
1 a: willful and permanent deprivation of a bodily member resulting in the impairment of a person’s fighting ability b: willful and permanent crippling, mutilation, or disfigurement of any part of the body
2: needless or willful damage or violence
I think we use it more in the second meaning, but more peacefully, sort of referring to causing chaos disorder.
Mayhem is also a death metal band:
And a Marvel character, but just a superhero, just a vigilante.

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