Here I am up in the DJ booth with Pavlos and Yusuke. We rocked out last night. The night start off a bit iffy. Me and AbiShek had setup downstairs in the main lecture hall, with images of student life in the DRL and the dance music. Upstairs at the bar Carlos and Peter were projecting DRL project videos and had chill out music. We got going at around 7, by 7:30 there was no one downstairs and upstairs people were getting bored. Pavlos suggested that we bring the music from downstairs to the bar upstairs. He reasoned that people will stay where the alcohol is.

So at 8 we got going with the dance music in the DJ booth by the bar. The booth was built for a couple professional DJ’s that played the night before without much success as the ambient/strange noise didn’t work when there were 150 people talking away in the bar all night, we hoped for better luck. Well after about 15 minutes half the bar had emptied and I thought that was it, it had been fun but didn’t work. so I lined up a couple more tunes, because the only thing worse than bad music is no music, and got down from the booth to have a smoke. It was only when I got down that I saw what had actually happened. In the back room which we had cleared out there was a dance party raging. Everybody who had disappeared from the bar was now here dancing away. It was not only students and graduates but also I saw our professor Tom Verebes dancing and heard that Patrick Schumacher was also in there. So I returned much happier to my post and lined up more tracks for the happy dancers below. As the party progressed people got more and more into the music and soon Yusuke joined me and Pavlos in the DJ booth. He didn’t do much other than swing his arms in the air whenever someone was about to snap our picture, but was good company and fun to have him around. Tom also made a brief visit and Theo gave us some music to play, which we did for a couple of tracks before it turned sour and I went back to my electro-funk playlist.

The party was supposed to end at 9 when the bar was closing. But at 9:30 they were still serving drinks and tunes kept on flowing. They finally shut us down at 10, much to everyone’s disappointment. But we decided to carry on and about 20 headed to Old Street, which is good part of town to be if you want to go to a club with 20 or so people. We ended up at a clud called Mother and danced and drank there untill that place shut down at 2 or 3. Then I wish I could say we kept on going but instead we went home, which is actually probably a good thing, otherwise I would probably be in no condition to write this entry right now.

The night before the DRL 10 exhibition officially opened to much happiness and a lot of people. So many in fact that there was a queu (Brittish for line) of about 30 people waiting to get in and see the space. I didn’t go in as I will be around for the next few weeks when its less crowded and I’ll have more time to look at stuff. But from my early impressions helping set things up nd working on the interface the work looks good and that there are a lot of graduates that have gone on to do very interesting projects for themselves or at big firms. That seems like a good sign.

And on saturday morning the steel arrived for the pavillion, so now it actually looks lie something is happening. But I still doubt it will be finished before the end of term, oh well.


Click the top 2 photos for more images, and check again alter this week, I hope to get some more pictures from my class mates.


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