I worked on the pavilion.


Last friday was first time I had since we unloaded the first truck. I picked the worst day. It was actually the first time it had rained since they started.

Saturday was much nicer. Yusuke took us to this crazy restaurant in the basement of a Korean supermarket. We were surrounded by video cassettes of Korean TV three layers deep. But, the food was good and so was the work. Though I was there only half a day on Saturday which was actually nice. (then i had to go back to John Street and work on my seminar presentation)


It has progressed since then, you can follow it on the class blog. I was probably a bit harsh before when I said that the designer knew nothing about anything. The structure is starting to look good. And while it won’t protect you from the rain (and i’m not sure if its safe to stand under it when its not) it is parametric.


I’ll probably work there again one day this weekend.


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