This is a fun experiment we did at the end of last term. It was our first experiments with digital techniques. We use Rhino to model the power plant. We used Maya particle dynamics a couple of times. And even used some scripts in both programs, mostly to make the voronoi patterns. It was a pain in the ass at some points, like for our final presentation we had been working on putting the final animation together, and we had to remodel the towers falling over. Well Julian had just gotten it when they called us to present but we didn’t have time to put it in. So we had this funny thing you can sort of see down here. So we were caught double unprepared, as, if you remember we wanted to finally show our big resin model, which was taken again.

The jury was alright with the most insightful comments coming from Patrick Schumacher, talking about network structure. And making us realize that we were too “picturesque” about our crack imagery.


Our interests were in what we got at the end. Thinking about using thespace inbetween the new formed spaces as circulation and structure. This works well wit hthe idea of cracking as a release of energy. Another point we were suprised to find was a software problem. The objects that made up the power plant are not set to collide by default in the program. Instead they just passed through each other creating new hybrid spaces.


As with all our workshops we have to do a book. Link


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