We are done for the semester and I still haven’t caught up.  Shame on me.  But in a last ditch effort to save face here is one more post before I head off to Brazil.

 This was an exercise we did in the middle of the semester.  Between helping the previous graduating class and working on the DRL 10 exhibit.


The workshop was based on the notion of diagrams coming from Delueze.  His idea of the diagram is as an “abstract machine”  which breaks down traditional representation of ideas through a process of abstraction.  

For us this was a really good exercise, as at the end of last term were told that we were too picturesque.  So we broke down our cracking process into simple ideas and tried to reconstruct it into a new form.

Our first thought was to create a system based on density/resistence/flow/particles/etc.  But then we realized that we only were going to be working on this workshop for one week.  But this discussion was very usefull and has lead to the things that wea re working on now.  Including the script that I posted before.

We moved on to try to work with lines circles points spaces.  But we kept running into the same problem, the drawing at the end looked like a crack.  We made around 20 initial studies, with same result each time.  The thing was how do you show a line of force that creates space around it, spilts and turns, without drawing a crack.  We figured that cracks were already a diagram of forces acting on a material so ther wasn’t much we could do.

On Friday morning, with our review at 4 in the afternoon I came in with an idea.  To just break down each element we had talked about into a simple icon or drawing and to connect each of them together.  This was a simple stupid solution but one that would not look like a crack in the end.  So I got to work on that, while our newest teammate Rafael was playing around on a fun little program our basement buddies had found.

 At about 2 I wrapped up what I was doing and had to run to the bank or something and left my team to finish and print.  When I got back the review was just starting and they were nowhere to be found.  After 10 minutes i got a call from them asking me where the print store was.  When they finally got back the review was more than half over.  But the big surprise was that they came back with 2 diagrams.  Mine and the one Rafeal was working one.  Which I had not seen or been told that we were even going to have.  The thing was the print wasn’t very good so we just hung up my diagram.


We were the last to present.  And I talked about what we had done and our struggles and all the little squares of information on the diagram.  The review wasn’t very good.  Everyone else had some flashy stuff that looked nice while our swas pretty boring in terms of visual effect.  But our professors noticed that we had come in with 2 priont outs an dthey wanted to see what we were hiding.  So we showed them the other one and they loved it.  It probably had somethin t odo with how we explained the other one, which gave them an opportunity to read a lot into this one.  At the end of hte presentations everybody in the class voted for their favorite diagram, but you couldn’t vote for your own.  Somehow we won.  In amazing Mayhem fashion we were able to make 2 diagrams from scratch that morning and pull off an improbable sucess.  Hopefully next semester will be as good or at least as lucky.


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