After we finished “working” in Sao Paulo we went to Rio di Janerio to relax over the Easter weekend. The weather was beautiful, as were the women.

While there were less ladies in Rio than in Sao Paulo, they were also wearing less, so it balanced out.

The city itself is set among some beautiful scenery. With mountains at the edges and behind. There are also little islands offshore. The tourist beaches of Ipanema and Copacobana are amazing and clean. But I did almost get my camera stolen as we were in the water and Julian who was on the beach was dozing off. We caught the guy in time, though the camera did get a little sand in it.

We didn’t do much in Rio other than relax. The highlight was a samba club that we went to one of the first nights. The live band played until 3am and the singer was spectacular. What was hilarious was Diego’s attempt to pick up a beautiful young lady. He noticed her as we were waiting in line and as the night wore on we moved our group closer to her. Diego bought a couple caipirinhias and had the waiter give her one. She took it, not knowing who it was from. After finishing the first Diego bought her another. This time offering it to her in person. After refusing it Diego asked me to place it on her table, which I did. She proceeded to drink it without any form of acknowledgement. This kinda annoyed Diego. I tried to explain to him that if he had wanted to approach her he would have had to placate her friends as well (she was surround by 3 rather large lady friends, who seemed to be acting like bodyguards). This let to Diego being edgy the rest of the night. Which wasn’t good, as at the end of the evening we had problems paying with our cards. Diego took this opportunity to fly off the handle, calling Brazil a developing country and flashing his American Express card around saying he could buy the whole building. I followed along in this game, as I was still looking for some fun, and cursed at the manager in Romanian and talked really slowly and low as per his request. Finally I got bored of this and found money in my pocket and paid. DIego would not be convinced so easily and continued to argue several more minutes until Rafael paid for him, with Diego throwing the 6 Real (about $2) change back at the cashier. MAYHEM in Brazil.

From Rio we went to Brasilia….


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