From Brazil I returned to the states, specifically New York.

There I took no photos, sorry. But I did have a lot of fun.

I stayed with my good friend from Cooper Hunter Bater, on his old couch which has traveled the length of New York and back. His 30th birthday was upcoming, as was another dear friend’s (Sarah), and they were planning a party together. It was one of the main things that brought me to NY during this break.

But in the meantime I met up with another group of students from my program who were doing their project in Manhattan. The West Side Railyards to be specific. We walked around the city a bit and hung out for a night at a bar, It was good to see them outside of London. This was especially true of this Australian guy Max. He is really bright and knows a lot about what we are doing here at the DRL. He has had friends go through the program and they are already forming a company, kokkugia, which is pretty cool. But what was the nice part in New York, where a couple of his friends are, was how relaxed and really funny he was, as opposed to the stressed and serious guy he is here. It served to remind me that we are here only for a short time and afterward we will all return to our normal lives. And that we really know little about each other, but hopefully these are friendships that like those from undergraduate, will stick no matter where we end up.

On that sentimental note, I’ll jump to the big bash.   We gathered all in HUnter’s apartment. The orginal gang from Cooper, Hunter and Sarah (the celebrated), me, Tom, Kris, Pat, Pete, Felix and Jen, plus the guys from Columbia who Kris and Tom went to grad school, Dana, Ryan, Zach and many others to round out a full fledged house party. I went down earlier in the day to pick up Ana from Philadelphia where she had just flown in. And it made me really happy that she could be there with me to share in my friends’ celebration. We partied until early in the morning, drinking, dancing, talking. It was a real blast. Thanks guys.

The party wrapped up the NYC part of my break, but there was still plenty to do . . .


One thought on “New York

  1. hopefully some of the above mentioned Cooper Union gang is going to read Matei’s post so that i can say “hi guys!” to them through it 🙂

    cya everyone

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