The last planned event on my trip was my mom’s wedding.  it was also the highlight.

The actual ceremony was inside, which was fun.  Everyone crowded in to the house and we set up the chuppah in the sun room (the only room it would fit, and there only by pushing the drop ceiling up at the poles).  The cantor(-ess) (in the background) was a very nice lady, she gave a good service and sang nicely.    Then the fesivities began.

We had luck with the weather and people were outside and inside, dancing drinking, eating, and most importantly talking.  It seems its what Romanians are best at.  All my mom’s friends were there, it was good to see them and catch up. Everyone wanted to know what plans I have after I finish this masters. I still don’t know, but it includes getting a job.

So after a night full of fun I was ready to head back to London and resume my masters . . . . or was I?


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