First of all I would like to welcome everybody who has come by from facebook, and hope you have enjoyed what I have.  As you may have noticed the posting is pretty sporadic, but as of right now I am am basically caught up on things.   With the exception of a couple of visits and visitors I have had in the last few weeks.

A month ago Ana came and visited for a weekend.  It was her second time in London and this time it went much better than the first, when we both got sick and the weather was rainy all week.

We went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and a good Greek restaurant called “The Real Greek,” which I recommend to anyone in London, with Tomas and Diego the first night and then hung out with Steph and Jeth and Lelia and went to Hyde Park the the next, which was just a beautiful day, especially for London.  That night we went to a friend of mine’s going away party, where Ana, bless her, fell asleep right away.  But to her credit she did wake up a couple of hours later and joined in the fun.  It was really nice to have her in town, even if just for the weekend.

A couple of weeks later my friend Aurel came to visit from Romania.  Came for a full week and I let him on his own most of the time seeing what the london museums had to offer, while I was at school a lot.  And unfortunately I don’t have Pictures because he took my camera with his memory card while he was here and I forgot to get the pictures, oh well.  But it was good to have him in town.

He is an artist and we did get a chance to go see a art fair that a friend of his invited us too.  I also showed him my work which is quite different than his (contemporary digital architecture vs. a postmodern naive style), but we understand each other well so it was a good discussion about where we each come from and how we can represent that in our work.

And finally me and Ana met up again in Venice . . .


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