Venice was beautiful, Ana was beautiful, the Biennale was beautiful, what more can I say.


After being apart for more than a year and shuttling back and forth between Bucuresti and London to catch some time together, I thought it would be nice to spend our second anniversary in Venice.  A hopeless romantic at heart, I missed Ana so much that just meeting was not enough for celebrating 2 years together, especially with the last year spent apart.  And I think it worked out perfect.  Venice is a perfect setting for enjoying a few quite moments together.  From the moment we got on the water bus to our hotel on Lido island we were transported a world away from our daily troubles and found ourselves in a quite haze where the only thing in focus was each other.  While the center was still full of tourists the back streets that we wandered around were splendid.


We spent a day at the Biennale seeing what funny and clever things the world was trying to build (more on that later) and on the second day we met up with Ana’s sister, whom I had not met before.  She works outside of Florence and made the trip to see her sister and me.  It was really nice to meet her and she was just like Ana described her, full of energy and strong willed to succeed no matter what he circumstances.  It was also a nice chance for the sisters to see each other, since they hadn’t had a chance since last winter.

All in all it was just perfect, a perfect chance to see my love, a perfect chance to see some architecture, a perfect chance to meet Ana’s sister, a perfect chance to get away from it all.  As I said what more can I say.


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