Since the beginning of the new semester we have been transforming the work we did through more refined techniques.  The first of these was done by Rafael over the summer.  Realizing that our point distribution was chaotic, he took a grid of points and using the fluid dynamic engine in the Maya software and developed a more coherent redistribution on the site based on the flows of traffic and the river.


This creates a more differentiated pattern where the resulting voronoi cells can be read as programmatic areas (larger cells) and interstitial or areas of flow (smaller cells).  This began a more general move away from thinking of the crack a literal vertical break between cells and into more horizontal space created by the layering of these cells.

We are now trying to refine this urban plan using the contextual voronoi we had developed last term instead of the undifferentiated grid as well as more developed flow pattern for the site.  We hope that will help relate our urban plan better within the context and begin to create connects across the site as well.



2 thoughts on “Fluid Points

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Glad to hear you like what we did.

    The point distribution was done in Maya, using particles and fluids.
    The points were then imported into Rhino, and we used a 2d voronoi script, but now that Grasshopper offers voronoi capability, I would suggest that.
    To get the final 3d shapes, we then went through a complicated process that involved moving back and forth between Maya and Rhino. It was a pain and was really dependent on how our team divided the work and what each of us were skilled in.

    Good luck,

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