The major move we have made this term is to use multiple layers.  Instead of having just one voronoi pattern that we manipulate we have now developed three (though we may reduce that to 2).  Each voronoi pattern is informed by different flows and programs on the site.  These are then redistributed by the fluid dynamics to create different levels of pattern from which new flow and program information is extracted.


This information is then fed into a system of topographical manipulation to create differing landscapes thorughout the site.



The composite landscape is then used to deform the voronoi pattern into a three dimensional field.

p17With in this landscape we are trying to develop programmatic typologies of towers, residential courtyards, and the bus station.  This is the basic setup that we are working on now.  The layers allow us to create a thickened surface where program can occur and is the new site of our “cracks.”  The cracks have now developed into a horizontal space between the layers.  They are still based on our initial thesis that the forces that are present in an urban landscape can create these void spaces.


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