together-01 flat copyA

One more thing I would like to share from our final presentation are the models.  These models come straight from a computer, which means they are more like 3d prints than traditional handmade models.

together-01 flat copyB

This is of the tower that was in yesterday’s post.  It is made of for seperate “cells” and can be taken apart.  This shows most ofthe thinks we worked on, from the urban massing and large holes, to the architectural structure and porosity.


These models are STLs or stereolithographies.

DSC_0329_2 copy

While the first one is done at school for just the cost of materials, this one we ran out of time and were forced to do it at a commercial place.  I’ll just say that it cost way too much for something that the jury almost never looks at.

detail_3 copyA

This is a STL of the site.  It is lit from behind to show the layering.

detail_3 copyB

These models are very fragile and all pieces must be at least 2mm thick or they will break.

Model Site CNC 2_2

This is another site model, but this time done with a CNC (or computer numerical control) machine.  These work differnetly in that it is like a router that comes down from the top and as such are just one sided.

Model Paths and porosity cnc 01

This was another CNC we did just as an illustration of the porosity and paths that we were creating on the site.

shadows_2 copy

This is actually a double sided CNC.  Meaning that it was put into the machine twice, once one eace side to create a comeplte 3d object.  This one is for a study of the openings at het architectural scale.

Model Openings Sphere Range 01_3

All these models we were forced to leave at school for the end of hte year show. But hopefully we can pick them upafter graduation, because it would be a shame to just leave them there after all the work we did (and money we spent).


2 thoughts on “Final Models

  1. Your models looks awesome! I’m currently studying architecture as well. I was wondering about your CNC models.. what program do you use to design? I only know how to use sketchup…
    Also, what material did you use for the model?

    thank you:)

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