Finally, one last post on the masters and one last post before I head to NYC for the weekend.  It’s the book that we had to submit for our assessment.


Its over 300 pages that we designed ourselves and then sent out to print and bind in a very limited number.


We put our whole year and a half worth of work in there from our original material experiments with resin to work that we did after the presentation.


This was a great experience to do the book. We got to review all that we did and see all the great work that we passed through and never followed through on.


The book is a document more for us than for the school.


We even included some of the essays that we wrote for the seminars to put the project into a larger context.


I wish I could share the whole book with you all but it is too large a file to put on the site, but if you have a spare $200 I can print you your own copy.


With this I end my adventures through the DRL.  I hope you have enjoyed it with me and that you will continue to follow my misadventures through architecture and the world at large.



5 thoughts on “Final Book

  1. hi Matei Denes

    i came by chance on your blog page, and saw your work at drl.
    I wanted to ask you, whether it is also possible,
    to get a pdf version of your book.
    I am a student, therefore 200 doller is too much for me,
    even if it is worth the money.

    it would be nice to get a positive response.

    many thanks

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