Me and my friend Gabi have signed up for the Europan 10 Competition.  This is a large competition done every 4(?) years for young european architects to contribute to their urban built environment.  The winners get to develop and build their proposals.


Gabi chose the site, which is an area of Copenhagen that is being redeveloped.  It is called Nordhavnen, or the north docks,and is currently a post industrial area.  Our site is the smaller of the two outlines above.  The proposal is for an urban promenade along the water.


We have untill the end of June to compete this.  we have started working out some ideas and are hoping to start having some tangible deisgns inthe next couple of weeks.  I am trying to continue working with computational design in this project and am using rhino and scripting as a start.


The larger area already has a ubran scheme which we can use to guide us.


Below is the urban designer’s (CUBE) version of our site.  This is not meant to influence our vision for the site as our porposal will be used to further detail the general urban plan.


I hope to show what we have done after the competition is complete, if we come up with anything worth while.


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