Here are some images from a house that I have started working on.  It is located on the Olt river, near Valcea in Romania.


The house is composed of 7 pods which fulfill the programmatic requirements of the living space.


The pods are formed by dividing the site as well as 3 circulation paths which orient themselves towards openings in the trees.  This also orients the pods to these openings which give views of the river.


The structure of the house uses two separate typologies.


One type is based on balloon framing, with vertical and horizontal members interlocking to create a rigid and closed structure.


The other uses curved beams to wrap the space.


The two typologies define the private and public zones of the house.


The pods push out of the house reaching out to the views of the river.

These are just the start of the process.  As the the design is refined so will the ideas.  Let me know what you think so far.


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