I just wanted to update you all (is there anybody out there?) on some goings on.


Back in the news.  My project from the DRL masters is up at another exhibition.  This time in Brooklyn.  The exhibition is called d3 Natural Systems.  I don’t know much about it, but if anyone is in the area, check it out and let me know how it looks.


The competition that I did a couple of months ago with WestForth has been canceled.  I know its ridiculous, but not much I can do about it.  They said that no one respected the brief.  Which is kind of true, but what they asked for would not fit n the space they had.  So they are going to get a new zoning permit to allow them to build more, and then relaunch the competition, dumbasses.


But I am not discouraged and have already started a new competition.  It is organized by Arquitectum, for whom I did another competition a few years ago.  This one is in Lima, Peru, and the brief is for seven loft style apartment buildings.  I am working with Tudor Timotin (who I did the previous Arquitectum competition with) and Karol Markos (with whom I did the UCMR-ADA competition).  The dead line is at the end of November and I will be posting images as we get going.

Casa pe Olt

I’ve been in contact with the client for the house and it seems that they want something simpler.  So expect to see a new version in a couple of weeks.


I started assistant teaching at Ion Mincu School of Architecture and Urbanism last week.  It is the main architecture school in the country and I am in a third year studio with Vasile Meita.  The project the students have been given is in the Danube Delta for an ecological information center.  They had their first wall review today and they aren’t very good.  Mostly they are lazy. this is the third week of school and they barely had any plans.  Hopefully they will step it up.

Next week I am giving a short talk to the class about viewing towers, which is part of the brief.  Any suggestions are welcome.

I think that’s about it for now.  If anything else comes up you’ll be the first or second or maybe last to know.


One thought on “News & Notes

  1. We’re all out here, I’m sure.
    Well done so far. Good luck with new and future competitions! And I hope the students surprise you in a good way.

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