I would like to propose a series of abstract paintings that are drawn form my work with computational architecture.   More than traditional architectural techniques, this computer based process creates images that are not architecture, yet have an independent formal quality.

022 copy

Casa Olt

The paintings would be decontextualized and flattened as they move from the computer and onto the canvas.  They would no longer be part of the process that created them, but free to be reinterpreted.  The spaces have no scale, no horizon, no direction, and no time, the aspects that usually apply to architectural and even traditional painting space.



There is no clear understanding of how the space works.  This comes from the point in the design process that they emerge from.  Usually coming quite early in the process, they happen before the human figure is introduced.  They are the abstract idea taking shape.  This point is frozen, and brought to light through painting.

brown copy


It is a space that does not find itself in the final architecture, but is the seed of that space.  This is a space that would otherwise disappear.  Being neither inhabitable form nor sculptural object, it remains in the abstract realm of the computer.  It is the visualization of algorithmic space.



As such I am not interested in painting as a process, but space as a process.  These paintings therefore would be printed and have no brushstrokes.  The image would dominate, preferably with strong colors.  They would escape the realm of renders through the use of paint, but not be painterly by their lack of brush stroke.  This is an attempt to further abstract the image, leaving viewer alone with the space.

white copy


I will try to put these into a context of architectural painting by looking at the work of  Le Corbusier and Zaha Hadid next.


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