Here’s something I haven’t done much of; post links to interesting things I find on the net.  But as I haven’t had much time to post anything of my own, I thought you might be getting bored, and maybe this would keep you occupied.  If you like it please comment and I’ll do it more regularly.

First an interview with Kazys Varnelis, whose own blog I recommend.  The article (from the online journal Triple Canopy) is about how complexity and bureaucracy come together to lead to the downfall of societies.  It make me wonder how the Romanian system of excessive bureaucracy that can be circumvented through bribes fits into the equation.

Here’s some interesting thoughts on the Isreali wall from a former teacher of mine, Lebbeus Woods.  I like it not only in the context of that particular conflict, but I have often wondered about the possibility of new sports being invented and this seems like an interesting suggestion.

This year’s Pritzker Prize winner (the Nobel for architects) was given to Peter Zumthor.  He is not well known outside the profession, but is very deserving of the prize.  Here’s a good article in the New Republic for both the uninitiated and the fans.  And by way, he is building a house for Spiderman. (both links via Archinect)

And finally 2 articles from the New York Times about American architectural mainstays.  First a piece about LA’s highway interchanges, which I marvel at whenever in or around LA.  And an article about the roll down gates that are ubiquitous in NYC.  Will you miss them when they’re gone? I will.


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