The results for the competition that I finished in mid-December with Tudor Timotin and Karol Markos were announce recently (see the lower left corner of the site).  We did not win.  The winning proposal in all our opinions is pretty boring as are most of the other winning projects, with the exception of the Portuguese project that received an Honorable Mention.

It seems that they were looking for something much less ambitious than what we proposed.

The competition called for 8 residential buildings, 6 standard plus 2 corner pieces.  Each building had 4 apartments each with a level of parking in between.  The site was a hillside above a golf course in Lima, Peru.   We could not move the buildings around the site too much, except for 3 meters to the left or right.  This was the major limitation, as it left only 3 meters between each building.

Our approach was to create as much free space that was oriented towards North, downhill side of the site as possible.  This would give the best views and most light.  We were also able pull the side facades back about 1.5 meters each on all the levels except the parking, which gave us a total distance in between rooms of 6 meters.

We chose to create a structure that mimicked that of trees.  This structure wrapped around the facade of the building creating a screen while leaving the interiors open to be arranged as we wished.  This structure was not only visually impactful it also allowed us to control how much light and privacy each room had.  These were both concerns as the main facade faced north and there was so little space between buildings.

I’ll post more on how we created these structures next.


5 thoughts on “Green 360: The Results

  1. I am also a participant of this competition, and I support your opinion, the results are not so ambitious as to my mind was the task. For the developer who chooses this architecture does not make sense to organize an international competition. (my work “http://www.arquitectum.com/ant/big.php?photo=111299_33.jpg&ztipo=2&idioma=1&concurso=undefined”).
    P.S. Not one known resource is not published the results of this contest …

    • I guess that is the risk we take entering this type of competition. i think maybe Europe and Asia are more open to this type of stuff than the Americas.

      Kidu, I liked your project. I noticed it once the results were posted as one of the few that were trying something more interesting. Good luck in the future.

  2. Hello Matei,
    I’m Fatemeh, an architecture student in Canada. I’m really interested in your design. Can I ask you more? Specially about the way you control the length and angle between branches. Because I’m doing a school project with similar approach which is supposed to show a system of growth!

    I really appreciate you,

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