This is the first project that I assisted on in teaching last fall at Ion Mincu in Bucharest.  It is for an ecological information center in the Danube Delta.  The brief called for the use of local materials and integrating the building into the site and local architecture.  This meant reed roofs and plaster walls.  The students were varied in their response from traditional to contemporary.  As this was my first experience teaching I can not take any credit for the work that was done.  But i want to share these with you as much to show you what I have been working on as much as for you to see what kind of work is being done in Romania largest architecture school.

Diana Vasile

Felix Valentin

Andrea Medeleanu

Raluca Paun

Diana Toader

Marjan Mostavi

Mihai Handrea

This is just a small selection of the projects.  There were about 30 students in my class and what was good to see was the diversity of the projects.  Ranging not only from the good to the bad, but also spanning almost every style.  I think that is a good thing.  One more comment on these projects is that it was amazing to see them at the presentation.  Many did not resemble anything that had been brought to class.  I don’t know if that’s because the students were lazy and didn’t want to do any work before the final presentation or if it was just trying to avoid getting any real critique during class.  What I think leads to this and may be a problem is that the grade for each project is given by a commission of 3 professor at the presentation.  This means that class time counts for very little beyond presence and absence.

It was a learning experience for me to teach as i hope it was a learning experience for the students.   They did another project for a small hotel/motel on the site adjacent to this which I will post once I have the images.  We are also trying to put together a small book of these projects to accompany an exhibition that will take place in the spring or summer.

I would just like to end this post by thanking the students and wishing them the best of luck in their future projects.


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