This is part of the competition that I just finished, but it doesn’t figure too much in the submission, so I think I can share it early.

This was for offices in the passenger terminal. I had a short time to work and used very simple computational techniques which gave differentiation while also following structural and programmatic criteria.

They began as simple extruded shapes, which were given by passenger flows through the terminal which I will explain in a later post. I began by stretching them out to create a more dynamic starting point.

I divided this surface into triangle sections. The idea was to create a folded plate system which would work structurally.  This allowed for no ceiling and light to come in from the open roof above.

I broke this surface up into smaller triangular panels.  This is an area that I would like to work on more, to get better control over how this subdivision works. If there is a grasshopper definition that does this let me know.

Then I took an point from which to evaluate each panel.  Based on the distance to the point and a random coefficient each panel either became glass or remained solid, creating a gradient effect.

This final move was in reaction to the program of the offices to oversee the customs flow, as people move through the passport check.  Thus the offices need to be more open on one side, while being opaque in the rear to allow for back office program.

The resulting spaces are unrefined and unfinished, but show what a couple of quick moves can produce.  While they aren’t a central part of the project, they were a fun exercise, and maybe can be more fully developed in another context.


3 thoughts on “Border Office

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  2. Hi!!

    Did you model this in grasshopper? For my school final project I have a façade that has some similar geometry and i would like to model it in grasshopper, but I don`t know how to do the code for a folding surface. Can You help me, or hang me the basic code….

    I will apreciate it..

    Valentina Beltran

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