While in Costa Rica I was asked to give lecture along with Diego Ricalde at Veritas University about our master project at the DRL.

It was a good opportunity to revisit the work that we had done more than a year ago.  We tried to put it into a larger perspective, talking about what the DRL is and what we have done since finishing.  I think that the most important point of what we brought forward was the new approach to architecture that both of us have adopted since the DRL.  More than the digital techniques what we took away was the research approach to architecture where problems of architecture are taken as an opportunity to explore larger themes that we have been exploring over a longer period of time.

We also reviewed the work itself, which I believe is still relatively strong.  The main ideas of urban blending and the layering of information that were at the heart of the project came through well and we were able to discuss these in a more objective standpoint.  By that I mean that our understanding of these issues was no longer based around the techniques which we used to acheive them, but taken as an architectural/urban response to a given problem.

The voronoi, which was such a focus of the project at the time, was only a side note during our lecture.  As I mentioned earlier, this was part of our discourse, where the specific techniques were less important than the over approach and the results of that work.

Overall it was a great opportunity for us to talk about the work we did and how it and the DRL fit into a larger picture of architecture.  We received good feed back and I hope we were able to interest the student and professionals there to explore a research based approach to architecture.

I want to thank Micheal Smith and Juan Carlos Sanabria for giving us the opportunity to give this presentation and hope to collaborate with them again.  Veritas is an impressive school that seems to be pushing its students to challenge the status quo of architecture.


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