• UCMR-ADA received an honorable mention as part of the Anuala de Arhitectura in Bucharest this summer in the unbuilt category.
  • Crackology was awarded second place in the Plasticity Fantasticity Competition.
  • I have started a couple of competitions.  One for a observation tower in Taiwan with Diego Ricalde and his firm from Mexico, and the other for mixed use building in Frago, North Dakota with Gabriel Bunea.  These wrap up at the start and end of November respectively, so I’ll be posting about them then.  Wish us luck.
  • I have sent some of the abstract images that emerge from my projects to a gallery in the hope they might be interested in them.
  • I am currently working on some lamp designs (see above) and will post as those move along.  Currently am looking for a laser cutter.
  • Some site bookkeeping:  I have replaced my Picasa link with my LinkedIn profile, as I try to move the site away from the personal and towards the professional.  I have also add Creative Commons Licenses for the work that appears here.

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