This component tower was the first Grasshopper tutorial I presented my students at Princeton.  We went through the definition across two sessions.  It covers a lot of ground:

1. Generation of geometry in Grasshopper.

2. Referencing geometry from Rhino.

3. Using sliders to control geometry.

4. Basic vector & math operations.

5.  Dividing surfaces & UV domains.

6.  Attractor forces (pre field components).

7.  Closest point, normal, and plane orientation.

8. Simple conditionals.

9. Basic Data management.

There are probably a lot more individual things, but those are the broad topics.  Even these were a lot to cover.  There are a few things that I like about this example.  It works from a simple input geometry to built up to a complex parametric model that can give nice results.  If anyone out here uses other introductory tutorials let me know.

Here is the definition.


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