I currently have work in a show in LA.  It is organized by Superfront LA, a collective that promotes architecture through exhibits and publications.  I am very proud to have been selected along with some of much more accomplished designers, including Benjamin Ball, Brendan Mcfarlane, Craig Hodgetts, and Marcus Novak.

From the curators:

“Film has influenced architecture since the dawn of the modern era. The creative process for entertainment as well as spaces for life and work share common ground. Perhaps film influences the profession of architecture through its speculative spaces which are removed from the constraints of reality. These instances serve as inspiration in the creation of the architecture of tomorrow.”

I have three pieces in the show.  That are taken from projects that I completed in the last few years.  Here is the statement I submitted with the work:

“The images presented here are taken during the design process for various projects that I have done over the past three years. Their abstract quality removes them from this process. The usual sequence of idea becoming design becoming built artifact is interrupted at a point before the design materializes, between idea and realization. As opposed to traditional architecture and its forms of  representation, these images have no reference to time. Similarly they are framed to have no recognizable horizon or perspective rendering them spaceless. These images taken out of time and space remain frozen instances of the digital. They are spaces that would normally be folded into the final building. Extracting these images creates a new space and time for them to inhabit. That is the space of the viewer. And as they have no time or space of their own, their original references are lost. This gives the viewer the ability to project their own ideas. If we look at the design process as a temporal function, as the word process implies. Then these become still frames taken from that process. They have no inherent direction, either spatially or temporarily. But yet they remain tied to both space and time through exactly this incompleteness, needing the viewer to add these back into them to give them meaning.”

I have presented this work previously on this site in the Painting post.   The three images shown here are the ones that were selected for the show.  I have continued this work and have images from some of my more recent projects that are in the same style.

I would like to thank the people over at Superfront again for giving me this opportunity and hope that anyone reading this that is in LA before the end of August stops in and sees the show.


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